Herbal sauna with body to body massage delhi

Herbal sauna with alpine herbs plus body to body massage

Herbal sauna with alpine herbs (30 minutes), plus body massage (60 minutes).

More about procedures:

When the leaves begin to fall from the trees, the risk of cold and flu diseases increases. In order to protect yourself from the attacks of viruses and other pathogens, the body needs certain vitamins and autumn prevention.

What is available – 30-minute herbal sauna with your Altai herbs selected at a temperature of 30 to 65 degrees, also tailored to the customer’s wishes.

Active curative massage with added vitamin oils

Healing healing massage is appropriate in general body stiffness caused by sedentary lifestyle, physical and emotional stress, depressive states, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, back and sciatica, stiff neck and upper back pain, back pain legs, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and migraine, fatigue.

What you get:

Healing massage will help you to be in harmony with your body, whose harmony depends on its happy existence!

Increase your energy balance to prevent health problems as well as strengthen your body, enjoy the power of herbal sauna and healing massage. After the procedure you will feel fully prepared for the challenges of everyday life.

Health has no market price because it is invaluable!

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